Biyernes, Disyembre 9, 2011

My Genuine gem

One butterfly was fall in love to a white rose, but the white rose says i will just fall in love with you when i turn red, the butterfly cut his body and spread the blood to the white rose, the white rose turn to red and fall in love to the butterfly but the butterfly is dead, it only means that there are sacrifices that we tend not to appreciate. Things are changing every time passes by. As the globe rotate on its axis, there is lot of things that happens. The continuous evolution of technology makes the younger generation not so active to outdoor activities. It was a reminiscing moment to be with old friends that we have not been together for long years. We remember those old things that we've shared together the jokes, laughter’s and even problems.
What is the real meaning of love? Love is what we feel, not what we see on person physical appearance. When I enter in college I unexpectedly fall in love to a girl which I considered my best friend, we shared jokes, secrets and even our love life’s, our favorite past time is stepping on the back part of each other shoes so when that starts we always wanted to be the one last in walking. We even called each other love and it has no malice, but the time came that I fall in love with her, at first I ask myself what is happening for all I know this is only a relationship of being friends but it’s not the same I think it stepped up to a higher level. I had proven that it’s not easy to say to your best friend the word "i love you" because she will not be serious to it, she will just say that is a very good joke best and this can be very hurtful.
"We when we were child our baon is just only a cent, and we are also the one that is searching for our own viand and now you were just asking for your baon without any single drop of sweat”, this words are often we heard from our parents especially in the province. The state of life has change; more students are not now helping their parents in work, and appear so tired when arriving home from school. This is not a good situation because this can weaken the relationship of every member of the family, on our house when it is Saturday we are helping each other in order that work will be done faster and easier, we clean the pigpens, we give grasses to our cows, carabaos and even our hamster and rabbit, we clean the house and any other household chores we do. After we've done to our work we find time to go to the river to help our mother to finish the laundry, then we eat together our lunch and sits on big rocks while our feet were in the flowing water enjoying the cool temperature it gives. After eating our lunch, we carry fish nets and the "pamingwit" and go fishing or a "karadikad-it’s like a "bilao" but it has small holes, and get some clams or the popularly known to us Ilocano the "tukmem". When the sun is near to drown on the emerald water of the kingdom of mermaids, we enjoy swimming on the clean and fresh agua of the river.
Now were grown up, we miss the things that we use to do when we were child like the playing of the luksong baka, sipa, even a bit of time of rolling a top. I find myself every time playing this with the kids or even my age mates and some of our neighbors say " mga bata don't let your kuya cry" and I just came to realize that I am playing or were playing a play for the kids. It maybe shame on the viewpoint of others but we should asses ourselves because all of us is doing this.
"Pana-panahon ng pagkakataon, maibabalik ba ang kahapon" every time we make a move we should think this. Now our parents are being older, we should think if how we could repay them from all of their hardships. There will be the time that they would leave this world, we may not give them a billion of money but we can always give even a trillion which is called L-O-V-E.